A bit of history…

Tenuta Cà Davite Wine Estate owes its name to the place where most of its vineyards grow. Set in a central position amongst Casale Monferrato, Alessandria and Asti, Tenuta Ca’ Davite is nestled in the heart of the Monferrato hills (UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2014) and surrounded by its grignolino, nebbiolo and chardonnay vineyards.

The Aleramici of Monferrato, who built a castle there, founded Vignale Monferrato, already mentioned in a document issued by Barbarossa in 1164. Object of clashes and devastation during the Monferrato wars of succession, it was also ravaged by a plague in 1161. In 1703, Vignale and all Monferrato territory, passed under the rule of the House of Savoy.

Vignale is located in the heart of a particularly generous land from a culinary point of view; it boasts a quality food and wine culture between wines and truffles.

The average altitude of the vineyards is around 260 m a.s.l. The estate is a beautifully restored old rural farmhouse; most of the tuff has been preserved so that, inside the tasting room, the attentive eye of the visitor can see some fossils embedded in the bricks.

Part of the “infernot” (a small underground room dug into “Pietra da Cantoni” stone, used for wine storage, with no light, no ventilation) has also been recovered; its characteristic temperature together with its constant humidity allow the best preservation of aging bottles.

The coat of arms on the bottles refers to the old Marquis family. Their descendants invested once again in the territory, planting new vineyards, after two generations that had moved away from Monferrato.