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Monferrato Nebbiolo Arvej

Name: Monferrato Nebbiolo Arvej DOC

Grape variety: 100% nebbiolo

Harvest period: first decade of October

Alcohol content: 13,5% VOL

Sensory notes:

  • Colour: ruby red colour, getting more pronounced with ageing, with garnet hints
  • Aroma: delicate, floral and fruity bouquet
  • Taste: pleasantly bitter, velvety, light and full at the same time


Fermentation takes place with its skin for about 20 days, after which it is drawn off and left to decant; after clarification, it is transferred into barrels for about 12 months for aging

Serving temperature: 18-20°C

Size: 0,75 lt

Notes: the soil has to be prepared by looking for its darkest vein, since the soil must be harder than that intended for other vines